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November 11, 2020

Have you ever tried to keep your heart rate stable when you started climbing a steep hill on your bike? Similarly, have you ever tried to keep the same exercise intensity when turning from a tailwind into a full headwind? Yes, that can be very difficult! And that’s the point, cycling is a sport in which your exercise intensity changes all the time. This influences your energy expenditure and thus your nutrition needs. Luckily, it is possible to personalize you nutrition planning to account for these changes.

1. Personalize based on your behaviour

Every cyclist has its own typical behaviour. Some are used to doing considerable efforts during each hill climb. Others ride with a very constant low heart rate during most rides. These factors depend both on your physical abilities as well as on your riding style. Your riding behaviour influences how much and what you should eat during your rides. EatMyRide can help you: by analysing you sports history, we predict how intense your coming ride will be.

2. Personalize based on your route

Whether you are riding in the Alps or in the flat polders in the Netherlands, no single route is the same. A flat ride can require a different nutrition strategy than a ride with a steep mountain climb. When you upload your route from your favourite route planner to EatMyRide, we analyse it to give you a nutrition plan suited to that particular route.

3. Personalize based on your preferences

Riding fast or riding at calm speed? When riding at high speeds and thus higher intensities or when riding for many hours, you need a lot more carbohydrates per hour than when you do a very calm or shorter ride. Also, it becomes more important that you take the right nutrients to avoid stomach issues. While EatMyRide gives you guidance in this, it is also good to know a bit more about what are the right nutrients then. That’s what we will discuss in our next article.

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