Get Your Nutrition Plan on Your Garmin Device

Each nutrition plan can be sent to most Garmin devices. This means you see the next product you should consume on one of your screens with a counter (time or distance based). Shortly before taking the product you can receive a notification to remind you not to forget eating or drinking. One of the biggest reasons athletes consume too little is they simply forget.

EatMyRide offers two options to show your nutrition plan on your Garmin: via a Data Field or via a Widget. While the Data Field only shows the product that should be eaten next, the Widget can also store whether you consumed each product and it can shown the list with all the products. Connecting and downloading from a Widget is quick, Data Fields can only receive data once per 5 minutes, so you might get a delay, e.g. messages such as ‘Synchronizing’.

Garmin IQ

You download the Garmin IQ app on your smartphone and download one of our apps. For Garmin Edge devices we recommend using the Widget, for most other Garmin products you can opt for our Data Field.

Installing Widget

Perform the following steps for the Widget:

  1. Once you download the Widget, Garmin will put your download in a ‘queue’. Sync your device until the IQ app states that the app is downloaded.
  2. Open the Widget on your Garmin device by swiping down from main screen and scroll to the EatMyRide Widget.
  3. Open the menu and click ‘Log in via phone app’ after you opened Garmin Connect app on your smartphone. Connect will prompt you to provide your EatMyRide credentials.
  4. Click ‘Download foodplan’ and you are ready to go.

Installing Data Field

Perform the following steps for the Data Field:

  1. Once you download the Data Field, Garmin will put your download in a ‘queue’. Sync your device until the IQ app states the app is downloaded.
  2. Open the menu on your Garmin device, select Activity Profile and add/edit a data field and add the ‘EatMyRide’ DF to one of your Data Fields. There are categories like: Speed, Distance etc. Aim for ConnectIQ -> EatMyRide.
  3. Open IQ app on your smartphone, browse ‘Manage Device’ -> ‘Data Fields’ -> ‘EatMyRide’ -> ‘Settings’ and provide your EatMyRide credentials, don’t forget to click save.
  4. Create a nutrition plan and select ‘Send to my Garmin’.
  5. Synchronize your device within Garmin Connect app until the plan is ready to start (this might take 5 minutes)
  6. If you want to receive alerts (notifications), add and activate an Alert for EatMyRide (via Activity Profiles -> Alert)

While the EatMyRide Data Field is already some time in use, the Widget was only released recently. The Widget makes it easier to get your nutrition plan on the Garmin device and it has more functionality. So it is our preferred application for the Garmin.