How to create a nutrition plan?

How to create a nutrition plan?

The nutrition plans you get are always based on the time or distance of the cycling ride you plan to make.

We predict how intense the ride will be for you at any point, and so we set your carbs burn rate and know when you need to consume carbs to refill it. We always take into account the delay between eating the product and getting the energy in your muscles.

What does this mean for you?

Once you click ‘Plan new ride’ you first need to choose a route or a course. The advantage of sharing your route is we can include:

  • elevation profile to measure your energy burn rate over time.
  • location to include the weather forecast (like headwind / tailwind and heat).

For adding a route, you can connect the Strava, Komoot or RideWithGPS apps, routes you created there will then automatically show up in EatMyRide. Without a route you describe the distance, elevation and type of course profile.

Once this is all set you select your average speed, so we can better predict the intensity and see how many Kcal of carbs you need to add.

Then you click ‘add products’ to make a planning with your preferred products you get a timeline or distance line and you can click on the indicators below. For instance the ‘Nutrition Quality’ indicator will show you with 1-5 stripes to what extend the individual products can provide your needs. Clicking on a product will show more details on why.