How to Use EatMyRide

Planning your nutrition for your long bike rides can be difficult. Luckily, the EatMyRide app makes it super easy for you! So let’s give you a quick introduction to the EatMyRide nutrition plan.

  1. Connect your routeplanner and select your route or simply describe your ride

Each route has it’s own characteristics, that is why you can connect your routeplanner like Strava or Komoot. Once you have connected it, we import your routes and you can create a tailored nutrition plan. This includes the course profile (like steepness of hills) and the weather (like the wind you face during the ride). You can also just provide a distance and elevation without using a route.


  1. Enter your ride details

Some days you just want a relaxed ride, but on other days you may have planned a hard training. By entering your ride details, like your speed we can estimate your energy needs. EatMyRide Premium users can also customize their ride type and their average power or heart rate.

  1. Select your nutrition

Based on your input the EatMyRide AI algorithm calculates how hard the ride will be for you. The algorithm combines this with your personal physical abilities to give you nutrition advice. You only select your desired nutrition and drinking products and see how well they match your nutrition needs. Are you satisfied with your selection of products? Then just save your plan and EatMyRide will calculate when you should take which product.

  1. Get the plan on your Garmin

Finally, you can send the nutrition planning to your Garmin cycling computer via the button on bottom of the nutrition plan page, to get notifications during your ride. Easy!

Do you want to know how to receive EatMyRide plans on your Garmin cycling computer? We have another tutorial where we explain it step by step. And of course, we are always curious what you think about the EatMyRide nutrition plan. So feel free to chat with us (via chat function on the Explore tab)!