Why is the amount of energy that EatMyRide advices to take during my ride so low...

When you are exercising you use both energy from fat and from sugars. The sugars are contained in your muscles in the form of glycogen. To perform well, you have to replenish the glycogen (partly), but the fats don’t necessarily have to be replenished during your ride. Therefore, the energy intake advice of EatMyRide is

How can I get the nutrition plan on my Garmin device?

First of all, make sure you have the Garmin IQ mobile app installed. Then you can download the EatMyRide datafield in the Garmin Connect IQ store. After that, follow these steps: Open the Garmin Connect mobile app (not the IQ app) and sync your Garmin device. Activate the EatMyRide datafield on your device. Open the

Which food products can I use in my nutrition plans?

EatMyRide has a database with many sports nutrition products. In the app you can search for your preferred products. If your preferred food is not available in the database, you can create your own ‘Custom food’. You can also use this functionality if you are using homemade products.

How can I use the nutrition plan during my ride?

When you use a Garmin cycling computer or smartwatch you can download the EatMyRide datafield in the Garmin Connect IQ Store. With this datafield you can load the nutrition plan on your Garmin so that you get notified when you have to eat. Are you a user without Garmin cycling computer or smartwatch? We will