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July 14, 2021

Bonking or hitting the wall, a nightmare for cyclists. This sudden lack of energy during a ride can destroy the performance the rider was aiming for. However, with a good preparation this can often be prevented. What type of preparation do you need? Indeed, a proper personalized nutrition planning. That’s where EatMyRide can help you. We’ll explain how we do that.

How does EatMyRide create nutrition plannings? Well, the plans stand out in three ways: they are suited to your ride, personalized based on your cycling behaviour and profile and they are fully customizable.

1. Planning suited to your ride

EatMyRide lets you connect your route planners. When you create a route in one of the connected planners it will automatically appear in the EatMyRide app. Then to create a nutrition plan for that ride you can select the route and fill in the start time and average speed. The app will automatically calculate your speed and power at each point in the ride. This calculation takes both the course profile of the route as well as the wind into account.

2. Personalized planning based on your characteristics

Each person is different and each person will therefore experience the same cycling route differently. EatMyRide uses an Artificial Intelligence prediction model to predict your heart rate or power over time. Given this estimated intensity we calculate how much energy you will need to keep up this intensity. The higher the intensity, the more energy you burn. Also the distribution of fats and carbohydrates burnt changes if the intensity changes. We estimate your energy burn and the distribution of fats and carbohydrates at each intensity. This is done based on your personal characteristics, like your weight, heart rate zones, VO2Max and FTP. We also calculate the amount of energy that is already available in your muscles at the start of your ride. It is again estimated based on your personal characteristics like weight and fat percentage.

In the end this leads to a prediction of the rate of carbohydrate and fat burn at each moment in time during the ride. Since the aim of nutrition during cycling is first and foremost to replenish the carbohydrates, we give you advice on how many grams of carbohydrates you should eat to keep up your energy.

3. Customizable planning

In the app you can select your own real food products, like bars and gels. We estimate the time it takes to absorb all the carbohydrates from each product. Then based on the ride and the product characteristics we determine the optimal order in which to take the products and we advise at which time you should consume them. Do you want the products in a different order? No problem, you can easily adjust this as desired. You also can see how well each product suits your ride, so that you can optimize the plan in detail.

That’s it in short, the EatMyRide personalized nutrition planning. Are you planning to do a ride? Let EatMyRide take care of your nutrition strategy!

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