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  • Plan in-race nutrition planning
  • Includes drinking plan
  • Use routes from Strava / Komoot / Ride With GPS
  • Get the nutrition plan on your Garmin fitness device


From €39,99 per year
or €4,99 per month
  • The first year for €39,99, after that for €49,99 p/y. Or monthly the first three months for €4,99 p/m, after that for €6,99 p/m.
  • All of Recreational
  • Adapt plans to training and intensity
  • Create daily meals for your rides
  • Fine-tune the meals to your type of ride
  • Analyse your nutrition and performance post-ride


From €29,00 per month
  • Coach: max. 5 athletes for €29,99 p/m, €49,99 p/m for max 25 athletes
  • All what Fanatic has
  • Personal dietician
  • Program to train the gut