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EatMyRide it’s a nice app that allow to be in control of all the daily food intake both during and off the bike. For me this is so helpful because I have some problems with intolerances for some types of food so, it’s essential to know what I have eaten everyday so I can take that into account if some stomachal pain appears.

For me it’s so important to have in mind when and what to eat during a training/race, it’s not the same to eat some types of food at the beginning or at the end of the race. To optimize the food intake I do really like to let the app choose which food should I take at every moment. I’m so happy with the experience I’ve had using the app.

It’s brilliant to have “something” that remembers you when you have to eat and also drink during a race, because it’s so important but not always easy to think about. The Garmin device makes a sound that remembers you that it’s time to eat/drink and also it says what you have to eat. So at the end it helps you to reduce the stress during the race, which is a big help.

Mireia Benito — Massi Tactic Women Cycling Team