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Nail your nutrition.
Peak your performance.

EatMyRide is the nutrition app for all endurance athletes and their coaches. We help you improving your performance. You tell what rides you're doing. We'll provide personalized nutrition advice and insights to balance your energy burn and intake rates.

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Understand your needs and manage your intake

Each athlete is different and so is every ride. Do you know how much you burn during cycling and how much nutrition you need? We will tell you in three steps. First, you get to know your carbohydrate burn. Then you learn how much energy you can get from your glycogen stores.Finally, easily plan your nutrition and get personalized advice.


Belle de Gast

Parkhotel Valkenburg

"As a professional athlete I am constantly working to get the maximum result from my sport, to develop myself and to push my limits. "

Jeanne Korevaar

Liv Racing Worldteam

"The EatmyRide app gives me the opportunity to perfectly match my nutrition with my training sessions and thus increase the training effect."


Utrecht (The Netherlands)

"The EatMyRide app helps me to optimize my nutrition intake during the day. I fill in my planned training into the app in the morning, to optimize my calorie intake during the day and to be fueled for the start of my training."

Structurally improve your performance

Proper nutrition is key to peak performance. With EatMyRide you will learn all you need to know to fuel optimally for your trainings and races. Get insights around each ride and follow short courses to become a smarter athlete. That's how you reach your goals. That's how you improve your performance.