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Nail your nutrition.
Peak your performance.

EatMyRide is the #1 nutrition app for avid cyclists, runners and triathletes. Learn what to eat during each workout and get real-time insights into your energy needs. Plan, track and evaluate your nutrition intake to improve your performance. Try it for free.

  • Get real-time insight in your energy level

    Track your carbohydrate burn and intake during your rides

  • Never forget to eat anymore

    Get personalized nutrition plans for each workout and every day

  • Start your race well-prepared

    Learn to improve your carbohydrate intake and outperform yourself

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Proven during the hardest events

Know your numbers, stop the guesswork

Keep track of your burn and intake in real time during your ride. Automatically sync your ride afterwards to evaluate your energy burn and carbohydrate intake.

Used by cyclists of

Belle de Gast

Parkhotel Valkenburg

"As a professional athlete I am constantly working to get the maximum result from my sport, to develop myself and to push my limits. "

Jeanne Korevaar

Liv Racing Worldteam

"The EatmyRide app gives me the opportunity to perfectly match my nutrition with my training sessions and thus increase the training effect."


Utrecht (The Netherlands)

"The EatMyRide app helps me to optimize my nutrition intake during the day. I fill in my planned training into the app in the morning, to optimize my calorie intake during the day and to be fueled for the start of my training."

Always personalized nutrition advice at hand

EatMyRide integrates with your favourite apps. Whether you are planning workouts or routes, you always get instant tailored nutrition advice.