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Get a Personalized nutrition plan for races and training

Preparation is key for endurance exercise. EatMyRide creates a personalized food and drink plan for every workout. Enter your workout details and your preferred food and get a detailed advice fitted to your ride, run or triathlon.

Insights based on your personal metabolism

During exercise you burn carbohydrates and fats. To fuel performance you need to replenish the carbohydrates, so that your glycogen level doesn’t drop too much. EatMyRide creates a personalized metabolic profile for each athlete. Based on fitness metrics like your VO2Max we estimate the carbohydrate burn at each exercise intensity. Combined with an estimate of the available glycogen in your body we generate personalized insights for each workout. EatMyRide is also compatible with the results from INSCYD metabolic tests.

Track carbohydrate burn and intake in real time

The hourly carbohydrate burn can differ a lot per workout. During intense exercise you can burn up to four times as many carbohydrates compared to an easy ride. With the EatMyRide Carbohydrate Burn / Intake Balancer for Garmin you learn your carbohydrate burn rate and you can track your intake during cycling. It uses your personalized metabolic profile.

Optimize meals for the best preparation and recovery

With EatMyRide you always know what to take before and after a workout. With the meal plan you get personalized advice on carbohydrate and protein intake. Know your caloric needs on the day and make sure you stay energized.

Evaluate the effect of nutrition on your performance

After exercising your activity is automatically synced from Strava, Garmin or Wahoo to EatMyRide. Analyse your nutrition intake and carbohydrate burn and learn how you could improve your performance.

EatMyRide works with all your favourite
cycling apps!

Get real-time notifications

EatMyRide can send your nutrition plan to most Garmin cycling computers and smart watches. Use one of our data fields or widget to sync the plan to your device and you are good to go!

Easy integrations with other cycling apps

Do you use TrainingPeaks to plan your workouts? Or do you use Komoot, Strava or Ride With GPS to plan your routes? You can easily connect these apps to EatMyRide to get personalized nutrition plans for your activity. You can also connect Garmin, Wahoo or Strava and sync your activities automatically to EatMyRide to get insight into your burn and intake.

Know your fluid needs

EatMyRide helps you to nail your fluid intake during each workout. By doing sweat rate tests you learn your fluid requirements during different circumstances. These insight help you to drink sufficiently and stay hydrated.