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Get a Personalized nutrition plan for races and training

Preparation is key when doing cycling rides. EatMyRide creates a personalized food and drink plan for every workout. Enter your ride details and your preferred food and get a detailed advice fitted to your type of ride.

Based on your personal metabolism

The calories you burn during cycling come from fats and carbohydrates. During rides only part of your carbohydrates needs to be replenished, since your body has carbohydrates available in the form of glycogen. EatMyRide creates a personalized metabolic profile for each athlete. Depending on your fitness, as known from your FTP and VO2Max, we know how many carbohydrates you burn at each intensity and to what extent your glycogen may decrease before your performance is impaired.

Track real-time carbohydrate burn and intake during rides

The hourly carbohydrate burn can be very different per ride. During an intense ride you can burn up to four times as many carbohydrates per hour compared to an easy ride. Use the EatMyRide Carbohydrate Burn/Intake Balancer on your Garmin to learn your carbohydrate burn rates and to track your intake while cycling. It uses your personalized metabolic profile.

Optimize nutrition around cycling rides for optimal preparation and quick recovery

EatMyRide provides you with a meal plan for every day. When you plan a workout, the meal plan is automatically adapted. We guide you to an optimal plan for enhanced performance and quick recovery. ,

Evaluate the effect of nutrition on your performance

After your ride your workout is automatically synced with EatMyRide. Analyse your nutrition and performance and learn how you can eat like a pro.

EatMyRide works with all your favourite
cycling apps!

No smartphone needed during your ride

EatMyRide can send your nutrition plan to most Garmin devices. Use our Garmin widget or data field to sync the plan to your device and you are good to go!

Easy integrations with your other cycling apps

Do you create your routes in Strava, Komoot or Ride With GPS? Or do you track your rides with Garmin, Wahoo or Strava? You can easily connect all these apps to EatMyRide to get nutrition plans suited to your route and to manage your nutrition based on your actual performance.

Compare sports nutrition products

Depending on your ride length and intensity some sports nutrition products might suit you better than others. With EatMyRide you easily see for each product how well it suits your planned ride.