Sure you can up to a distance of 100km. In this case our system predicts a generic exercise level for the total activity. Based on your sex and weight we estimate the metabolism. This provides a fair estimate but its less accurate compared to a personalized plan. You don’t need to add your sports activities history.

By reading out your historic sports activities our algorithm knows how your body typically responds to combinations of circumstances such as elevation, wind, temperature and speed. When you provide a route and duration the system can use your sports history to predict your exercise levels. Based on your sex, weight and condition we know your metabolism at every exercise level.

Nutrition plans

For now you can only select ‘History’ and see former nutrition plans. We will soon add more functionality to look back and attract learnings from your actual achievements.

The plan is shown on the mobile screen, you might need to scroll in order to see the whole plan. This is currently a static page. Also you can click ‘Start’ so the plan is sent to your Garmin device (see Connect IQ appstore to assess whether your Garmin device is supported). By installing the EatMyRide ‘data field’ app in Connect IQ and providing your EatMyRide credentials in Connect IQ EatMyRide settings and adding this data field to one of your data screens, you will see the nutrition plan during exercise on your Garmin. Please select this data field in a screen with maximum 5 data fields so the size is readable. It will only count down to the next product intake moment and show that product name. Everytime you click start in our mobile app, you need to sync your Garmin device to load the plan.

This is not the total energy usage but the amount of glycogen storage you need to re-fill during exercise for maximum performance.

After selecting your planned activity and duration the system calculates the advised caloric intake. You need to select the products you plan to bring by searching for any fruit, bar, gel or any other kind of product. If you miss a product, you can also click ‘add custom foods’. After providing our system will calculate the planning of intake.

After clicking ‘Add nutrition plan’ button in home screen, you click ‘Select ride’ and can choose between: Ride, Events or Routes. A ride is a discription of your distance and elevation. This is easy to fill in and provides a fair estimate. Events and routes use route files (like gpx or fit) and therefore know the course. This means they can more accurately consider the type and planning of hills/mountains, the wind directions and speed ad any point, hence the prediction is more accurate. Events provides a list of events we cover and will extend in future. Routes are your Strava routes (only if set to public within Strava) and the files you upload manually.


Please feel free to email to and start the title with ‘Suggestion’. We try to answer every email.

Please send an email to and start the title with ‘Bug’. We try to answer every email.


Based on the Karvonen method your heart rates can be divided into 5 – 7 zones. Zone 1 is your recovery zone (up to the heart rate of fast walking), zone 2 – 4 refer to your easy, moderate and intense duration zones. The high-end of the intense duration zone is named ‘threshold’. This is a heart rate you can typically train on for 15-60 minutes. Above threshold, your are training in ‘anaerobic’ zones where you have a lack of oxygen so you can only train for a few minutes. As long as your threshold is filled in correctly, the anaerobic zones are not so important. Be aware that selecting a too low threshold value, is bad for nutrition planning since we overestimate your exercise level. The most accurate method to know your zones is undergo a vo2max test at a physiologist. You can also watch the below video to test yourself for a fair estimate. Alternatively you can fill in you dont know and our system will estimate. Please be aware that unrealistic HR zone values will be adjusted automatically, to avoid incorrect nutrition plans.

Once you select personalized nutrition plans, you will be shown screens to fill-in or update your profile. The first screen lets you connect with Strava. By clicking yes you then log-in to Strava and authorize EatMyRide to read out your sports activity history.