The amount of energy people use during exercising greatly varies betweenpeople. In order to predict how much energy you will use and how much you will have to eat during exercising, we need some personal information from you. In this way you can get personal nutrition plans.

Nutrition plans

When you are exercising you use both energy from fat and from sugars. The sugars are contained in your muscles in the form of glycogen. To perform well, you have to replenish the glycogen (partly), but the fats don’t necessarily have to be replenished during your ride. Therefore, the energy intake advice of EatMyRide is lower than the total amount of energy that you will use during your ride

First of all, make sure you have the Garmin IQ mobile app installed. Then you can download the EatMyRide datafield in the Garmin Connect IQ store. After that, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Garmin Connect mobile app (not the IQ app) and sync your Garmin device.
  2. Activate the EatMyRide datafield on your device.
  3. Open the Garmin IQ app; a.Click on My device; b.Go to My datafields; c.Select EatMyRide; d.Go to Settings and fill in your EatMyRide credentials.
  4. When you have created a nutrition plan, click on Send to my Garminand sync your Garmin device.

EatMyRide has a database with many sports nutrition products. In the app you can search for your preferred products. If your preferred food is not available in the database, you can create your own ‘Custom food’. You can also use this functionality if you are using homemade products.

When you use a Garmin cycling computer or smartwatch you can download the EatMyRide datafield in the Garmin Connect IQ Store. With this datafield you can load the nutrition plan on your Garmin so that you get notified when you have to eat. Are you a user without Garmin cycling computer or smartwatch? We will add functionality to the app in the future,so that you also can get notifications when you have to eat during your ride.

EatMyRide Premium

You can create nutrition plans for your rides both with the free version of EatMyRide and the Premium version. However, EatMyRide Premium gives you nutrition plans that are more personalized and customizable:

Personalized nutrition plans
You can connect your fitness tracker and fill in your heart rate zones and VO2Max, so that our algorithms can analyse your previous rides to see how intense they typically are and thus how much energy you use during your rides. The algorithms discover how your body responds to circumstances like elevation, increased speed and temperature. Furthermore we can indicate how much energy you use at every intensity level (a.k.a. your metabolism) based on your personal information, like your VO2Max, age and gender.

Customizable nutrition plans
EatMyRide Fanatic gives you the opportunity to connect route planners, so that you can create nutrition plans perfectly suited to your ride. When we know the route you are going to ride, we can better predict at which moment you should take which food product.

You can connect two types of services to the EatMyRide app: trackers with your previous bike rides saved and route planners. The former can be usedto get personalized nutrition plans. EatMyRide imports your rides from the tracker after you have connected and then analyses them, to see how much energy you typically use during your rides. The trackers that are available are:

1.Garmin Connect

Routeplanners can be used to load your created routes in EatMyRide, so that you can create a nutrition plan for a route that you will be riding. The route planner apps that are supported are:

  1. Komoot
  2. Ride With GPS
  3. Strava

EatMyRide distinguishes between trackers for rides and trackers for routes.Rides are your previous bike rides that you have recorded with Garmin or that you have uploaded to Strava. By analysing these EatMyRide can predict for your future rides how much you should eat and at which moments. Routes are created using a route planner, and these can be loaded in EatMyRide, so that we can create a nutrition plan that exactly suits the ride you are going to do: e.g. EatMyRide takes into account wherethe climbs and descents are in your ride and adapts your nutrition plan accordingly.

To get a good indication of your energy usage during your rides EatMyRideneeds at least ten rides of more than 50 km with heart rate recorded. Furthermore: the more rides and the more diverse rides (e.g. both flat rides and mountain rides), the better we can estimate how much energy you will use during your future rides.

Based on the Karvonen method your heart rates can be divided into 5 – 7 zones. Zone 1 is your recovery zone (up to the heart rate of fast walking), zones 2 – 4 refer to your easy, moderate and intense duration zones. The high-end of the intense duration zone is named ‘threshold’. This is a heart rate you can typically train on for 15-60 minutes. Above threshold, you are training in ‘anaerobic’ zones where you have a lack of oxygen. So you can only train for a few minutes in those zones. As long as your threshold is filled in correctly, the anaerobic zones are not so important. Be aware that selecting a too low threshold value is bad for nutrition planning, since this causes that we will overestimate your exercise level. The most accurate method to know your zones is doing a VO2Max test at a physiologist. Alternatively you can fill in that you don’t know your zones. Our system willthen estimate your zones. Please be aware that unrealistic heart rate zone values will be adjusted automatically to avoid incorrect nutrition plans.


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