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July 15, 2021

Do you use a Garmin head unit or smartwatch to track your cycling rides? Do you want to get your nutrition plan on this device? EatMyRide offers three apps for Garmin devices. Each of these is suitable for specific devices and use cases. Read here which one suits you best. 

I have a Garmin Edge 530, 830 or 1030 (Plus). Which EatMyRide Garmin app should I use?

We advise you to use our EatMyRide Widget app. This is our most advanced app for Garmin. Here we explain the widget in more detail. Alternatively you could use our EatMyRide Data Field, which is less advanced and is more difficult to install and set up. To read more about the Data Field, click here.

I have a Garmin Fenix, Forerunner, Quatix or Descent smartwatch or an Edge 820.

For users of these devices we advise the EatMyRide Widget Light app. These devices do not support all the functionality of the EatMyRide Widget, but the Widget Light does enable you to view your nutrition plan and get notifications. Here you can read more about the Widget Light.

What are the differences between the EatMyRide Widget, Widget Light and Data Field?

First of all, as mentioned above, the Widget is not compatible with all devices. While the Widget is only suitable for certain models of the Edge series, the Widget Light is suitable for a broad range of particularly smartwatches. The Data Field can be used on smartwatches as well as on cycling computers.

In terms of functionality there are multiple differences. In the table below we explain them in more detail.

Widget Widget Light Data Field
View next product to be eaten Yes Yes Yes
View whole nutrition plan Yes Yes No
Progress bar for drink bottles Yes Yes No
Notifications when you need to eat Yes Yes If device supports alerts
Confirm when you have eaten a product Yes No No