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5 Factors That Determine How Much You Should Eat During Your Ride

If you have done long bike rides in the past, you will know that carbohydrate intake is essential during those rides. But you might sometimes wonder why a certain hourly carbohydrate intake is advised and why it is different per ride. In this blog we elaborate on the 5 factors that are crucial when it

Nutrition Around a Gran Fondo: This Is What You Need to Know!

Riding a long tour or GranFondo is a big test to yourself, for your legs but also for your metabolism. How can you make sure you do all the right things for optimal performance? Manage your carbohydrates Most cyclists have dealt with it at some point: the man with the hammer. Once you meet him

Always Eat What You Need: An Introduction to the Carbohydrate Burn / Intake Bala...

Taking enough carbohydrates during your rides is vital. With the EatMyRide Carbohydrate Burn/Intake Balancer for Garmin you can track your carbohydrate burn and intake in realtime.

How EatMyRide Helps Cycling Coaches To Train Their Athletes

Nutrition is one of the most important factors when it comes to cycling performance. With EatMyRide cycling coaches can nail the nutrition for their athletes.

Carbohydrate burn during cycling
Cycling Nutrition: How Your Carbohydrate Burn Influences What You Need To Eat

Your personal metabolism hugely impacts your carbohydrate burn during cycling and therefore also how your optimal nutrition plan should look like.

Get Eat And Drink Alerts On Your Garmin With The EatMyRide Cycling Nutrition Dat...

With the EatMyRide Cycling Nutrition Data Field you can get your nutrition and drink plan on your Garmin Edge. Check out here whether it is compatible with your device and how you can install it and set it up.

Get Eat And Drink Alerts On Your Garmin With The EatMyRide Cycling Nutrition Wid...

With the EatMyRide Cycling Nutrition Widget you can get your nutrition plan on your Garmin Edge 520/530 or smartwatch. Check out here how you can install it and set it up.

EatMyRide Cycling Nutrition Planner - The data field and widget for Garmin
Here Is How You Can Use Your EatMyRide Nutrition Plan on Your Garmin

Do you use a Garmin head unit or smartwatch to track your cycling rides? You can get the EatMyRide nutrition plan on your Garmin device. Here you can read how.

Connecting Fitness Apps and Route Planners to EatMyRide

Many cyclists use cycling apps like Strava and Komoot or activity trackers like cycling computers. In the EatMyRide app you can connect these and synchronize your rides and routes automatically.

Nutrition Planning Done Right

Bonking or hitting the wall, a nightmare for cyclists. This sudden lack of energy during a ride can destroy the performance the rider was aiming for. However, with a good preparation this can often be prevented. What type of preparation do you need? Indeed, a proper personalized nutrition planning. That’s where EatMyRide can help you.