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Unlocking Fitness Metrics: Understanding the Impact of FTP and VO2Max

Some of the most well-known metrics for your fitness are VO2Max and FTP. These metrics are mostly used to measure your fitness over time and to enable you to make effective training plans. However, their significance extends beyond training plans, influencing your body’s metabolism during workouts. During workouts your body uses several energy systems at

Breakfast and Go: Fuel Up for Endurance with These 3 Power-Packed Recipes!

Every training starts with a proper breakfast to fuel your performance. Whether it be a ride or some other type of training. We’ve got you covered with three easy and quick breakfast recipes to kickstart your day. Packed with carbohydrates for a fully energized training. Apple pie oats Ingredients (1 person) 1 apple 20gr raisins

Get Personalized Hydration Advice Based On Your Sweat Rate Using EatMyRide

The amount of fluid you need during exercise depends on the amount of sweat you loose while working out. With EatMyRide you always know how much fluid to take to stay hydrated.

Modelling Carbohydrate Requirements During Exercise: An Overview of The EatMyRid...

Exercising requires energy. The two main sources of energy are fat and carbohydrates. Understanding and modelling the fat and carbohydrate requirements during exercise is important for a proper nutrition plan.

The Resting Metabolic Rate: Why It Is Relevant For Athletes And How You Can Know...

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) represents the amount of energy an athlete's body uses to sustain basic functions at rest. In this blog, we'll delve into what RMR is, why it is relevant for athletes and how it can be estimated. We also explain the benefits of a physical RMR test.

Get Eat And Drink Alerts On Your Garmin Watch With The EatMyRide Simple Nutritio...

With the EatMyRide Simple Nutrition Planner Data Field you can get your nutrition and drink plan on your Garmin watches and get reminders when to eat and drink. Check out here whether it is compatible with your device and how you can install it and set it up.

Three Ways How Evaluating Your Nutrition Intake Helps You To Perform Better

Measuring is knowing, so goes the conventional wisdom. This also applies to nutrition intake during endurance exercise. While EatMyRide helps to plan your nutrition on beforehand, the app also enables you to get detailed insights afterwards. These insights can help you massively to improve your performance. Here’s how.

How To Start Using EatMyRide As a Coach

Getting started using EatMyRide as coach is fairly simple. In this guide we will take you through the steps you will have to take.

The 3 Rules Of Optimal Post-Workout Nutrition

No matter how hard you are training, if you don’t provide your body with the right nutrients after training, you are missing out on your hard work. Especially if you train almost daily, it is key to recover quickly from each workout.

Training Your Stomach | Training The Gut #2

Do you ever feel bloated when consuming a lot of fluids on the bike? This can easily happen during a endurance events in hot conditions. To prevent this and to improve gastric emptying, one can train the stomach. It is an important part of training the gut.