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August 23, 2023

Getting started using EatMyRide as coach is fairly simple. In this guide we will take you through the steps you will have to take. Are you new to EatMyRide Coach? You can request a free trial.

After you have subscribed to the EatMyRide Coach service, make sure you create an account in the EatMyRide app with the same email address as the one you subscribed to EatMyRide Coach. Then a member of EatMyRide will change your account status to Coach. You will receive a confirmation via email. In the app you will see the changed status as well, in the upper right corner, as can be seen in the screenshots below.

From left to right: free version of EatMyRide, EatMyRide Premium and EatMyRide Coach

Inviting athletes

As a coach you can click on the Coach logo on top right of screen to access or invite athletes. From the menu that opens you can invite athletes via email. Invited athletes will receive an email with a link to register. By using that link they will automatically get access to EatMyRide Premium as long as you have the Coach status. If invited athletes don’t open your email but register themselves, they will see your coach invitation via Profile > Settings > My Coaches. In this menu they can accept or decline your invitation.

By clicking on ‘Coach’ in the topright corner of the app you can open the Coach menu.

Using your coach account

Once an athlete has accepted your invitation, you can view their account via the Coach menu and then clicking on their name. In the top right corner of the app you see whose account is selected.

As a Coach you can view, add or edit almost anything on behalf of the athlete. What you cannot do is establish connections to route, activity or workout trackers (like Strava, Garmin, TrainingPeaks, etc.). Only athletes can do this. However you can create fueling plans on their behalf, analyze their nutrition and fluid intake of prior activities, check out their personal sweat rates and more.

Planning, editing and creating meals

Another relevant feature is the Meal planning. If you entered the account of an athlete, you can plan or edit a meal on their behalf. Changes will only be seen within the account of the athlete. However when viewing your own coach account, you can create, edit or erase ‘group’ meals. This means these meals will appear within the accounts of all of your athletes as My Meals.

Group meals can be used on specific days, like breakfast before a long and hard race or specific carb loading meals on pre-race day. This is how you can do it: browse within an athlete’s account to the relevant day. Open a meal moment (e.g. breakfast). Here you can add the saved meal. If you want to make changes to the meal, it is possible. This won’t affect the saved meal, but will only impact the current meal.

Withdrawing access

If athletes would stop making use of your coach service, you can simply erase their EatMyRide Premium access by browsing to your Coach menu and swiping their name to the left. For more information on limits to number of athletes you can add, check the pricing overview.

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