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Carbohydrate burn during cycling
Cycling Nutrition: How Your Carbohydrate Burn Influences What You Need To Eat

Your personal metabolism hugely impacts your carbohydrate burn during cycling and therefore also how your optimal nutrition plan should look like.

Get Eat And Drink Alerts On Your Garmin With The EatMyRide Cycling Nutrition Pla...

With the EatMyRide Cycling Nutrition Data Field you can get your nutrition and drink plan on your Garmin Edge. Check out here whether it is compatible with your device and how you can install it and set it up.

Get Eat And Drink Alerts On Your Garmin With The EatMyRide Cycling Nutrition Pla...

With the EatMyRide Cycling Nutrition Widget you can get your nutrition plan on your Garmin Edge 520/530 or smartwatch. Check out here how you can install it and set it up.

EatMyRide Cycling Nutrition Planner - The data field and widget for Garmin
Here Is How You Can Use Your EatMyRide Nutrition Plan on Your Garmin

Do you use a Garmin head unit or smartwatch to track your cycling rides? You can get the EatMyRide nutrition plan on your Garmin device. Here you can read how.

Connecting Fitness Apps and Route Planners to EatMyRide

Many cyclists use cycling apps like Strava and Komoot or activity trackers like cycling computers. In the EatMyRide app you can connect these and synchronize your rides and routes automatically.

Nutrition Planning Done Right

Bonking or hitting the wall, a nightmare for cyclists. This sudden lack of energy during a ride can destroy the performance the rider was aiming for. However, with a good preparation this can often be prevented. What type of preparation do you need? Indeed, a proper personalized nutrition planning. That’s where EatMyRide can help you.

Fueling up Before Your Ride
Fueling up Before Your Ride

Making sure you have enough energy to finish your ride well is half of the work done. Ok, maybe one-third, but still important! But how do you make sure you start your training or race well fueled? How to fueling up before your ride? Carbohydrates are an important source of fuel during your ride. A

Carbohydrates for Cycling to Fuel Your Rides

During exercise we mainly use two types of fuel: fats and carbohydrates (in the form of glucose). The ratio between these types of fuels used depends on several factors such as the duration and intensity of exercise, training status and nutrient availability. So, let’s explain how you can fuel during your rides and make sure

Hydration during cycling
Hydration Strategies for Cyclists

We all know proper hydration is important for our health. But during exercise, this might be even more important. Mild dehydration (about 2% loss of bodyweight) can already impair performance and severe dehydration could have detrimental effects. Why drinking with a hydration plan? In order to keep up performance and prevent negative side effects of

Nutrition Indicators

The intensity and duration of your cycling rides have a huge impact on your nutrition needs during the ride. While you may already know this, it is not as simple as eating two bars per hour. Three nutrition indicators The good news is: you can use three nutrition indicators and have the option to choose