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February 24, 2023

Are you using one of the EatMyRide apps on your Garmin cycling computer or smartwatch? Then we have good news for you: getting your nutrition plan on the device or using the Carbohydrate Burn/Intake Balancer is now much easier, because syncing data between the mobile app and the app on Garmin has become more intuitive and stable.

Previously it was necessary to login to your EatMyRide account from your Garmin. Unfortunately, there were some issues and limitations on the Garmin end.

We have now updated the process of syncing data from the mobile app to the apps on the Garmin. The biggest advantage is that you don’t have to login to EatMyRide anymore from your Garmin. You candirectly send data from the mobile app to the app on the Garmin device. Here is how it works:

For both apps

When you want to sync your data to the EatMyRide apps on Garmin, make sure you have the latest version of the EatMyRide apps for Garmin. You can check this in the ConnectIQ store (Cycling Nutrition Planner Data Field, Cycling Nutrition Planner Widget and Carbohydrate Burn / Intake balancer).

Then, make sure you have the Garmin Connect app and connect your device to your phone via Bluetooth. More info about adding a device in the Connect app can be found on the Garmin site.

For the Cycling Nutrition Planner app

In the EatMyRide mobile app open the nutrition plan you want to sync. Click on Send to my Garmin. The app will show all available devices. Select the connected Garmin device that has the EatMyRide app. Now your data will be synced.

The mobile app will show if data syncing was successful. Also the Cycling Nutrition Planner app will show a message when the data is received.

For the Carbohydrate Burn / Intake Balancer app

In the EatMyRide mobile app go to Home > Garmin and select the Carbohydrate Burn / Intake Balancer app. Click on Sync data with the app. You will see all your devices which are available via Garmin Connect. If you have connected your device via Bluetooth, it will be marked as Connected. Select the connected device. Now your profile data will by synced to the Carbohydrate Burn / Intake Balancer app.

When you want to configure the nutrition products that are shown on the Garmin app, select Configure nutrition products from Home > Garmin apps > Carbohydrate Burn / Intake Balancer. Add the products you want to get on your Garmin and remove unnecessary ones. Click Save. Follow the instructions on the screen to sync the data to the app on your Garmin device.

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