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December 20, 2022

Proper carbohydrate intake during your ride is vital when you are doing long rides. Do you have a goal for next year, like a long race or Gran Fondo? Then this is the perfect time to start tracking your progress. In this guide we explain how you can use EatMyRide for this.

1. Connect your ride tracker

First of all, it is important to have your ride tracker connected. EatMyRide currently supports rides from Garmin, Wahoo and Strava. Once you have connected your tracker via Profile > Settings > Connections, you will get your rides in the EatMyRide app. So, time to jump on your bike for a ride – with nutrition!

2. Start evaluating your nutrition intake

To track your progress and to know how many carbohydrates you usually consume during your ride, it is important to track your intake. Are you using a Garmin Edge with touchscreen? Check out our Carbohydrate Burn / Intake Balancer app. This app makes it very easy to track your burn and intake in realtime on the bike.*

If you don’t want to use the Carbohydrate Burn / Intake Balancer or don’t have a compatible device, you can still fill in your nutrition in the mobile app afterwards. After your ride, the ride will be synced to EatMyRide and will show up in the app.** Fill in what drinks and food you took during the ride and compare your carbohydrate intake to your burn.

3. Track your progress

Once you have evaluated your in-ride nutrition, the graphs on the Profile > Progress page are updated. Here you can check whether you are race-ready and what your maximum carbohydrate intake is.

Example: Let’s say you are aiming for a race of 4 hours and your progress looks like the graphs below. It shows that your maximum hourly carbohydrate intake during rides of 4 hour is 46 g. For rides of 4 hour you want to aim for an intake of 90 g, as shown in the upper graph. To be fully prepared for an intake of 90 g / hour during a ride of this length, you want to do it at least three times (shown in top graph). If you succeed and you don’t experience gastro-intestinal issues, you are well-prepared!

On the Progress page you can track your hourly carbohydrate intake over time.

Start your journey towards your goal

We hope that tracking your carbohydrate intake and training on it will help you in your route to your race. If you still have questions or have suggestions for further improvements, feel free to contact us.


* Make sure you connect Garmin Connect as your ride tracker in the EatMyRide mobile app (instead of Strava). Then we automatically read your intake from the .FIT file and show it in the app. Easy!

**Be aware that the ride should have power data or heart rate data. This is needed to calculate your carbohydrate and fat burn.

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