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December 22, 2022

Planning and tracking nutrition is at the very core of the EatMyRide application. Over the last months we have made several improvements to make this more convenient. In this article we highlight some of the changes we made.

Improved searching and filtering products

Searching products was sometimes somewhat difficult before. When typing in a search term the resulting products did not always properly match the search term. Therefore we improved the search functionality, so that the search results are more relevant to the search term.

We also introduced a new feature, smart filtering. When you search a product, smart filters will automatically appear. For example, when your search term contains ‘Sis’, the SiS filter appears, so that you can limit the search results to only show products from the brand SiS.

Products added and clarified

We added sports nutrition products from several brands. Also we clarified the names of a lot of products that are not sport-specific. This should help you to better find the products you are searching for. Are you still missing your sports nutrition brand? Feel free to contact us.

Products shown with image

The user interface also got a number of updates, the most important of which is that products are now shown with an image of the product. This makes it easier to find the product you are searching for.

As always, we will keep improving the app and we hope you appreciate the improvements.