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December 19, 2022

In the EatMyRide app you can connect your TrainingPeaks account to get nutrition plans for your planned workouts. In this article we explain how you can do this and we address some of the most asked questions.

Why you should connect your TrainingPeaks to EatMyRide

Using your planned workouts from TrainingPeaks within EatMyRide is useful, because energy burn and nutrition intake for structured workouts can be predicted accurately. Therefore, if you are using TrainingPeaks you preferably use your planned workouts from TrainingPeaks in EatMyRide, instead of creating the rides yourself in EatMyRide. Also by connecting TrainingPeaks, creating nutrition plans will take less effort.

How to connect TrainingPeaks to EatMyRide and get your workouts in the app

In the EatMyRide app, browse to Profile > Settings > Connections and click on TrainingPeaks. After filling in your TrainingPeaks credentials, your planned workouts are imported.

Be aware, workouts should meet a few requirements in order to be imported to EatMyRide:

  • Only planned workouts are considered
  • Workout should be of the type ‘Bike’, ‘MTB’, ‘Run’ or ‘Swim’
  • Workout should have a date, a total time planned and a workout structure.
  • For ‘Bike’ and ‘MTB’ workouts:
    • The workout structure should be based on ‘Percentage of FTP’, ‘Percentage of maximum HR’ or ‘Percentage of threshold HR’.
  • For ‘Run’ and ‘Swim’ workouts:
    • The workout structure should be based on ‘Percentage of threshold pace’.
Example of a workout that meets the criteria to be imported in EatMyRide
Example of a workout that doesn’t meet the criteria to be imported in EatMyRide







The planned workouts are downloaded from TrainingPeaks automatically once per day. If you have created a workout and want to sync it to EatMyRide, you can also do it manually: on the Home page in the EatMyRide app browse to a day without planned ride. Click Add an activity. At the right side of the TrainingPeaks logo a refresh button is shown. By clicking this button your workouts are refreshed.

You can manually refresh your TrainingPeaks workouts by tapping Add an activity and then clicking on the TrainingPeaks refresh button

Creating nutrition plans using TrainingPeaks workouts

Your planned workouts are shown on the Home page in the EatMyRide app on the date at which they are planned. If your workout doesn’t yet have a start time, this is shown. By clicking on the workout you can enter the start time. On this page you can select the ride type as well. The ride type affects the advised macronutrient distribution for that day, i.e. the amount of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Because TrainingPeaks doesn’t share explicitly what kind of training it is, you can set the activity type in EatMyRide to Recovery, Endurance, Interval or Race.

When a workout is imported in EatMyRide you can create a nutrition plan for it


My workout isn’t shown in EatMyRide

First, check whether your workout is eligible. Above we described which workouts are eligible to be imported to EatMyRide. Any workout that doesn’t satisfy those criteria is not imported to EatMyRide.

How are the carbohydrate burn and nutrition needs calculated for a TrainingPeaks workout?

If your workout is based on ‘Percentage of FTP’, we calculate the intensity using the workout structure and FTP provided by TrainingPeaks . Then, we calculate for each so called step in the workout the carbohydrate and fat burn. This is done based on your VO2Max and/or FTP that you have entered in your EatMyRide profile. Make sure your FTP in EatMyRide matches the one in TrainingPeaks. Finally, based on the expected carbohydrate burn and the allowed glycogen depletion the required carbohydrate intake is calculated.

If the workout is based on ‘Percentage of threshold HR’ or ‘Percentage of max HR’, we can extract the heart rate values from the workout and match them with the personalized metabolism within EatMyRide.

If the workout is based on ‘Percentage of threshold pace’, we can calculate the pace during each part of the workout, calculate the required energy and estimate the carbohydrate and fat burn by comparing the effort to your expected effort at VO2Max. So the VO2Max you have filled in in EatMyRide impacts the calculations.

When I move a TrainingPeaks workout to another day, it doesn’t appear in EatMyRide

When you move a workout in TrainingPeaks to another day, you first need to refresh the TrainingPeaks connection in EatMyRide (as described above, via Add an activity and then clicking on the Refresh button). Then on the new date the workout should appear.

If you still have questions regarding the TrainingPeaks integration, you can contact us.