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November 26, 2020

Your nutrition intake during cycling rides should be tailored to the ride and to your goals. Nutrition products might therefore be very suitable for some types of rides but may also be insufficient for others. Read below why. 

Nutrition for races

Take for instance challenging intense rides like races where you might need 60 grams of carbs per hour, meaning 1 gram per minute. Some products like bananas consist of fructose sugars and can only deliver half of that carb rate. Taking a banana in this case would means you need to compensate by as well adding sweater products to your plan. Some gels consist of glucose and fructose in 2:1 dose so you can absorb 1,3 – 1,5 gram per minute. This combination can work and gives you some flexibility. 

Nutrition for endurance rides

During long moderate paced endurance rides you might only need 30 grams of carbs per hour. In this case many products will work well, you mostly shouldn’t eat too much. To avoid feeling hungry you could focus on fiber rich products for a satisfied stomach. 

EatMyRide Nutrition Indicators

EatMyRide applies all relevant nutrient values in the advice and helps you to create nutrition plans taking the above restrictions into account for any product while also making sure all energy is absorbed before you finish your ride. Once you select your products you will see Nutrition Indicators like Nutrition Quality scores. Click on each selected product for more details. 

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