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July 14, 2021

Many cyclists use cycling apps like Strava and Komoot or activity trackers like cycling computers. In the EatMyRide app you can connect these and synchronize your rides and routes automatically.

Connecting route planners

All users of EatMyRide can connect route planners in the app. When you have connected one, you can create a nutrition plan for one of your routes. After selecting the route the app estimates the speed and power at each moment. It also takes the wind into account, so that the estimated intensity becomes more accurate. This results in more specific nutrition plans compared to creating a nutrition plan without providing the route.

Which route planners can I connect?

You can connect three route planners:

  1. Strava. People who have a Strava Premium subscription can create routes. To connect Strava in the EatMyRide app, go to Profile – Settings – Connections and connect Strava. All your bike routes will be synced automatically.
  2. Komoot. It works similar to Strava, but be aware, Komoot will only sync routes that are in regions that you unlocked.
  3. RideWithGPS. Connecting works similar to Strava and Komoot.

Connecting ride trackers

For EatMyRide Fanatic users we have more to offer: you can connect apps that track your rides. After connecting we analyze your rides using our Artificial Intelligence model. This results in more personalized nutrition plans for you. Also, after each completed ride, the ride is uploaded to EatMyRide so that we can calculate the intensity of the ride and the burnt energy. This enables you to evaluate to what extent your nutrition was sufficient.

Which ride trackers can I connect?

You can connect the following ride trackers:

  1. Strava. All your rides with heartrate data recorded are automatically synced.
  2. Garmin Connect. All the rides that are saved in the Garmin Cloud and that have heartrate data are synced.
  3. Wahoo. The rides in the Wahoo Cloud with heartrate data included are synced. Users of the Wahoo Fitness app or who have a Wahoo cycling computer get their rides automatically in the Wahoo Cloud.

Be aware that you can connect only one ride tracker. This is to prevent rides from being double-counted in our app.