September 18, 2020

You can create nutrition plans for your rides both with the free version of EatMyRide and the Premium version. However, EatMyRide Premium gives you nutrition plans that are more personalized and customizable:

Personalized nutrition plans
You can connect your fitness tracker and fill in your heart rate zones and VO2Max, so that our algorithms can analyse your previous rides to see how intense they typically are and thus how much energy you use during your rides. The algorithms discover how your body responds to circumstances like elevation, increased speed and temperature. Furthermore we can indicate how much energy you use at every intensity level (a.k.a. your metabolism) based on your personal information, like your VO2Max, age and gender.

Customizable nutrition plans
EatMyRide Fanatic gives you the opportunity to connect route planners, so that you can create nutrition plans perfectly suited to your ride. When we know the route you are going to ride, we can better predict at which moment you should take which food product.